Lead Tinning

Lead Tinning
A.C.E. Systems

The KISS LTS range are purpose-built systems used to remove and replace component surface finishes. Tin-Lead to Lead-Free – Lead-Free to Tin Lead – or refinishing of choice.

The systems are programmable to move pallets or fixtures that hold the components in a precise and controlled position through the entire process. The typical process comprises a central flux station where the component leads are immersed to a chosen specific depth. The pallet then moves to the first solder pot (scavenging pot) where the component leads are dipped into the solder alloy and "scrubbed" to remove the existing coating. The pallet returns to the flux station where the leads are once again fluxed then to the second solder pot for the final dip of fresh alloy creating a homogenous intermetalic coating.

The pallet holder and pallets accept a wide variety of components such as axials, connectors, DIPs, QFPs and virtually all leaded devices making the system very versatile with minimal change over time.


KISS LTS300 Lead Tinning System
Lead Tinning System

Molten solder lead tinning system for reconditioning all T/Hole, SMT and QFP components to comply with RoHs and Hi-Rel requirements.

Lead Tinning System

The LTS200  is an automated machine specifically intended for the Hi-Rel lead tinning process whereby aged components can be refurbished in preparation for re-qualification to Hi-Rel standards.

ACE MLTS-200 Work Station
Manual Lead-Tinning Station

The MLTS is an ergonomically designed work station for one person to easily handle all forms of component lead tinning. The MLTS can be configured with one or two solder pots with either the “Side Wave” or straight “Immersion” nozzles, and flowing flux station.

KISS-SPA Solder Pots
Solder Pots

The standard solder pots found on the ACE products can be purchased in stand-alone configuration for manual or custom applications. The controls can be made to your specifications in either a 19” rack mount or our discrete control box.